Hot Cross Buns just in Time for Easter!

Chef Sally Jane Elsewhere, Recipe

Happy Easter weekend everyone! I wanted to share with all of you my latest article on that features the traditionally British Easter hot cross bun.  Just click on the link: I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful holiday with your families and friends.  

Five Joints Worth Mentioning

London Eats, Restaurants

There are so many restaurants in London that I’ve eaten at and people often write to ask me for recommendations when they’re visiting the city. So I’ve decided to periodically write up brief descriptions about a few of the restaurants I haunt here in the Great Smoke but that have never gone as far as…

Eating My Way Through Rome

Markets, Restaurants, Rome, Shops, Travel

Rome isn’t a city that throws itself at your feet.  It holds lots of little secrets, coy hidden corners and delights you have to work to discover. Yes, there are the great sights and dramatic buttressing of the ancient and the just very old, but to uncover any inkling of the Rome that the Romans…