Adieu until August!

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I’ve been trying to get myself together and write up another post from DC, but my 3 month old nephew has shown up and I can’t tear myself away. Beyond that I’ve been hired to work as the chef on a sailboat in the Mediterranean until early August and I’m up to my neck in lists and recipes and menus. So, here are some pictures of what we’ve been whipping up over the July 4th week. Please come back and see me in August when I’ll have lots of tails from the high seas and the many markets and adventures along the way!

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  1. Oh Sally, Congratulations on your new adventure! We will definitely miss your postings. Could you PLEASE post or send me the recipe for the zuchini & edamame dish you made! It looks delicious & something we could handle making! So happy you are enjoying Gabriel. Hug everyone for us!

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