Carrots, Sorted


How often do you find yourself with a recipe that calls for one or two carrots, you go to the grocery and the most economical option is a 2 pound bag of carrots, and then they end up rotting in your fridge because once you’d made the original recipe you couldn’t think of anything more they’re good for and so they sat there, uneaten?  For me, carrots most definitely fall into the category of unexciting vegetables.  I never used to think of buying them for anything except when a recipe called for them or I was making stock.  And once finished with the one or two I need I now have a failsafe and delicious option for using up all of those unloved carrots.

If you go into a butcher shop or deli in Paris they sell mounds of grated carrot salad.  No it doesn’t have raisins in it or nuts (the height of foulness to my palate).  This is a simple, bright salad with lots of garlic, a hint of honey and lemon juice.  Whenever I go across the Channel I pick up a container on my way to work and snack on it all day.  I think it’s absolutely yummy.  You can grate the carrots by hand on a box grater, but I’ve found the grating insert on my food processor to be my best friend and peeling carrots is a perfect chance to meditate!  I now find myself picking up two big bags of carrots at the shop and preparing a big batch that will last me all week long.

Parisian Carrot Salad

Served here with a delicious wild mushroom tart.  I didn't have any herbs at hand so, voila, simple salad.

Served here with a delicious wild mushroom tart. I didn’t have any herbs at hand so, voila, simple salad.

1 pound carrots, peeled and grated (or however many you have sitting around – but adjust your dressing accordingly)

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon dijon mustard

2 teaspoons honey

1 garlic clove, minced

6 tablespoons olive oil

salt & pepper

optional: fresh parsley and or chives, chopped

Mix together your vinaigrette ingredients in a large bowl, making sure your salt has dissolved.  Now add your grated carrots and the herbs, if using, and give it a good mix. I like to use my hands to make sure every strand of carrot gets coated.  Let it sit and marinate for a while to let all of the flavors penetrate.


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