Confessions of a Compulsive Foodie Magazine Reader

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The Hairsplitter website, devoted to essays and commentary, has just posted an essay I wrote about the recent evolution of popular food magazines. While I may never be offered a contract to write for any of them after this dissection of the genre, I just couldn’t help myself.  So in lieu of a new food post,…

Hawker House & Berners Tavern in T&L Blog

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My work with Travel & Leisure Magazine’s Carry On Blog continues and I’ve had a couple of articles in the past couple of days go live that I wanted to share with you.  So this will not be a massive write up but more of a hope that you’ll click on the links and check them out! First…

Hot Cross Buns just in Time for Easter!

Chef Sally Jane Elsewhere, Recipe

Happy Easter weekend everyone! I wanted to share with all of you my latest article on that features the traditionally British Easter hot cross bun.  Just click on the link: I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful holiday with your families and friends.  

Fondue without the Fuss!

Chef Sally Jane Elsewhere, Recipe

Another cooking school video has just gone up on the website.  This week features a baked camembert with loads of delicious things to dip into it’s gooey center.  If you’re throwing a bash this weekend, as the holidays creep ever nearer, consider it an easy and impressive welcome gift for your guests!

Holiday Entertaining Made Easy

Chef Sally Jane Elsewhere, Recipe

As happens every year, the holidays sneak up on me, grabbing me by the apron strings and giving a good shake!  Oh, but I do love this season and actually it was the annual holiday party I started throwing in New York back when I was in grad school that made me start thinking seriously…

Foolproof Turkey Gravy by ME!

Chef Sally Jane Elsewhere, Recipe

And now for something completely different!  I’m entering the world of cooking on camera. have asked me to do a series of cooking school segments for their website starting with the ingredients you can add to your turkey gravy to make it extra special. After investigating studio kitchens and finding that they cost around…

City Girl Meets Country Boy. They Find Food!

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This city girl put on her Hunter boots and went foraging!  It was pretty swell (especially since I didn’t have to leave London’s city limits) and I worked alongside a fantastic man, Chris Bax who leads foraging groups and cooking courses at Taste the Wild (, not too far from where I cook grouse up…