Foolproof Turkey Gravy by ME!

Chef Sally Jane Elsewhere, Recipe

SALLY HURST COOKING BROLL TAnd now for something completely different!  I’m entering the world of cooking on camera. have asked me to do a series of cooking school segments for their website starting with the ingredients you can add to your turkey gravy to make it extra special.

After investigating studio kitchens and finding that they cost around £1500 a day, I spent the day with lovely cameraman Brian Prentke and my husband (as informal producer) in my home kitchen and I think the end result looks fab!  It’s all in the beauty light…

Click here for my tutorial: and stay tuned for more.

One thought on “Foolproof Turkey Gravy by ME!

  1. Congrats, Sally! Well done! Happy to see and read you have created your brilliant niche for yourself. Yes, I have fond memories of your mother cooking. Wish you were closer to me, here in Hungary, to help me in my kitchen.


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