Giving Thanks for KERB



An expat’s Thanksgiving can be sort of depressing.  It’s hard to find all of the ingredients you want for your meal, you and your friends don’t get the day off of work, there’s no real holiday hush to the day and the city keeps buzzing around you as if nothing’s different (and for them it isn’t).

Over the past four years I have purposefully ignored the holiday by hiring my skills out to other expats and cooking a huge Thanksgiving feast for them and their friends.  However this year, I’m celebrating at home, reclaiming the day…..and then maybe heading out to this!

KERB is back with a whole new line-up of vendors for you to try on Thursday, November 22nd.  The last event at this location was heaving with people, so go check it out for a taste of something different.  Oh, and the location does have a roof of sorts so even if it’s raining you’ll stay dry while lining up for your favorite street food.

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