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Aside from writing, creating recipes, and exploring the exotic food world of the Middle East, I am establishing a food business that will soon develop into an upscale deli/cafe out of which I will cater here in Amman, Jordan. While we’re setting that up, I am offering platters of food and a variety of appetizers and snacks to fill all of your entertaining needs.  Please look at the menus tab for information on what I am offering this season.

cd312-privato-birthday-cocktails-party-022Whether you need a decadent picnic or BBQ, a formal Friday lunch, smart canapes for a cocktail party, or just dinner for you and your family, I am able to provide you with exactly what you need: quality food, the best ingredients, and a simple, modern approach to entertaining.

My training at the elite French Culinary Institute in New York City and subsequent experiences in Michelin Starred restaurants in the United States all led me to this wonderful and occasionally wacky profession. I’m often asked what my style of cooking is, and while I was trained in the classical French techniques, I gravitate towards using that French training as a basis for melding ingredients and spices from around the world.

I pride myself in combining my family’s recipes and traditions with current entertaining trends picked up during my time in the food industry. Attention to detail, exciting flavor combinations, whimsical canapes, and lavish buffets are among my trademarks.

In addition to offering meals for your home I also offer cooking parties, culinary demonstrations, and one-on-one classes.

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What my clients say:  


“Once every two weeks, I would eagerly look forward to the day that Chef Sally came to our home to cook for my family.  Sally was always professional, friendly and a true culinary expert.  I loved having Chef Sally in our home because not only did she introduce new recipes and flavors, but she also gave us tips on the best farmer’s markets and restaurants in London.  I appreciated this immensely as our family loves food, and we had just moved to London.  On Chef Sally days, my young sons would love the smells of garlic, curry and cumin that would welcome them home from school.  My husband would always relish her healthy and delicious meals after a long day at work.  We miss Chef Sally now that she is in Amman – the people there are so lucky to have her!”  — Angela Chabot

“Sally Hurst cooked for my family for 2 years. She was creative and resourceful with ideas for different dishes and menus as each member of the family had different favorites and dietary needs.  We all loved Sally’s delicious food and friendly personality. As I entertain regularly on Fridays nights it was very important for me to have dishes suitable for my guests who often were from different nationalities and religions. Sally always came up with wonderful and appropriate menus that were beautifully presented.  In the capable hands of Sally, special events like graduation parties and our Thanksgiving gatherings were always delicious and memorable experiences.  I was very satisfied with Sally’s cooking and knew that my family and friends enjoyed themselves and were always looking forward to the next time.”  — Eva Kedar

“Sally catered both a birthday party for 50 of my nearest and dearest and an intimate baby shower brunch when I lived in London.  Both were beautifully presented, budget-conscious, and absolutely delicious. To this day, my friends talk about the sweet pea soup shooters with crab salad that she served and the little individual quiches were as pretty as they were tasty. She was receptive to my ideas, likes and dislikes, and came up with creative solutions that wowed me and my guests.”  — Jenna Millman

“Chef Sally cooked a 6 course dinner for 20 guests for a fundraising event at my home. She was able to come up with remarkable food pairings that went with the wines that my husband and I wanted to serve to our guests. Additionally, Chef Sally found a way to balance using the freshest and most seasonal ingredients while managing to keep costs to a reasonable level. I would not hesitate to hire Chef Sally again for another event, except for the fact she lives 6000 miles away now!”  — Jill Consor Beck, Founder, Purple Teeth Cellars      

“Sally prepared heavy hors d’oeuvres for a New Year’s Eve party/Rehearsal dinner the night before my wedding. Not only did she put the food made by our wedding’s “offi5N8A7320 2cial” caterer to shame, but she also prepared a number of dishes that our friends and family still rave about. The food (in addition to being excellent) was the perfect combination of festive, elegant, and comfortable that we wanted for an intimate cold-weather party.”  — Kevin O’Rourke

“I spoke to my daughter a little while ago and she said the food over her two day shoot was outstanding. Many thanks to you!” — Robert Miller

“Thanks for being here with us over Thanksgiving and preparing such delicious food.”  — Robert Miller

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  2. Sally, I was reviewing my “fav places” and re-found your site. How great!!! So proud of you. We’re in DC visiting Katey. Mary Jo Comerford

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