The Moveable Feast


Ok, so I’m starting this blog tentatively, so please excuse any haphazard musings or flights of fancy that might appear. I’m an American chef who has moved to London to be with my husband – not exactly where I’d thought I’d end up, but what a wonderful adventure it’s been so far. We live in the little hamlet of Primrose Hill in North London and have access to some delightful food shops, restaurants, and pubs – and the many characters that inhabit them. My aim is to share recipes I come across, observations of the many differences between the food cultures of the USA and UK, foodie finds, top tips, and anything else that comes across my path.

At the moment my obsessions have little to do with the British and more with the French people who work at our neighborhood butcher, fish monger, and kitchenwares shop. Each Frenchman insists on telling me how to cook my meat or fish, how to use my pots. “Don’t overcook it!” I was scolded three times by Nic, the fish man about the tuna I was buying. I assured him I wouldn’t and I was a chef myself. “This hanger steak should be marinated in red wine and shallots” the butcher advised, after I’d told him I was trying an asian inspired marinade. Nevermind, I love that they care so deeply about the products they’re selling. It’s not just an anonymous slab, but something they care about tasting good in your kitchen. It’s all personal.
Well, this is a start. I go in for a trial run at Melrose and Morgan, a sweet take away shop down the hill from me, on Wednesday morning. They provide seasonal produce, breads, jams, cheese, and loads of British prepared meals. I’m hoping to join their team as Chef de Partie and learn a fair bit about British cuisine in the process. Surely, this will provide much fodder for the blog, and I’ll keep you all posted. I’m off to sharpen my knives!

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